Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wishing all of our models, clients, families and friends a fantastic Thanksgiving! This year at Mavrick, we are tremendously thankful for all of our wonderfully talented models for their continued hard work and passion!  All our Best, Ms. Penny, John and Team!  

Congrats to our Lovely Fit Model Sommer Green!!

Here’s to Sommer Green and her newly wedded husband on their beautiful wedding day! Congratulations!                     Sommer Green and Bobby McElroy married on Sun October 1, 2017 during a sunset ceremony  in Newport Beach, CA. The couple went to the same junior high school and grew […]

PTD 2017: Winner Hannah Overfield

                  Introducing Hannah Overfield! She is sixteen years old, and from Columbus Ohio. Hannah became interested in modeling when she was about ten years old. She would always stay up super late watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, and binge-watching America’s Next Top Model, understanding each and […]

PTD 2017 Winner: Makenzie Jeffries

                Meet Makenzie Jeffries! She is 18 years old and currently attends a performing arts high school in Savannah, Georgia as a theatre major. She plans to pursue this in college, then hopes to obtain a career in the entertainment industry after graduation. She has been acting since […]

PTD 2017 Winner: Destiny Weber

Meet Destiny Weber!  She is 15 years old and lives in Tampa, FL. Although she dabbled in things like soccer, dance and gymnastics growing up, she has always wanted to be in the fashion/model industry. Destiny’s hearts desire is to be a world wide known high fashion model.  She figures if shes going to shoot […]

PTD 2017 Winner: Madison Heizer

                Meet Madison Heizer! She was born and raised in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She has been performing since she was nine, but has loved to sing and dance since she was a little girl. Musical theater has had her heart for a while now, and has been in […]

PTD 2017 Winner: Alyson Podwoiski

Meet Alyson Podwoiski! She is 16 years old from Detroit, Michigan. Half Filipino and half American. She has been dancing and performing most recently with the Harrison Dance Company! Barbizon helped Alyson realize that she wanted to embrace her love of Performing Arts and that it would lead her to a future career. Barbizon has […]

PTD 2017 Winner: Amaya Pidsosny

                Meet Amaya Pidsosny! She is 16 years old and was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only does she love Modeling and Acting but she playssoccer and is an honors student with a 4.2 gpa. Modeling and acting are two major passions of hers—simply the […]

PTD 2017 Winner: Marcelo Clavarino

Originally from Lima, Peru, Marcelo exemplifies a “Think Global, Act Local” mindset. As a result, embraces entrepreneurship by having attained a B.B.A. in International Business and exploring Europe. While attending the Passport To Discovery (PTD) Cruise in Fall 2017, Marcelo was the Winner of the “Most sought after Male Hi-Fashion Model” and “Swimwear” Award. He […]